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I do not know why exactly I am so stubborn to insist on making this site multilingual, and in a way that you may see multiple languages at the same time. But it is something.

我自己也不明白为什么我执拗得一定要把这网站做成多语言的,还是叫人 能同时看到多种语言的那种。但聊胜于无吧。

A weird thing about HexoHexo 的诡异事件

The first weird thing I got, when I was trying to figure out hexo-theme-next: sometimes hexo server gives the perfect result, but when I hexo generate or hexo deploy, nothing will be correct. Everything is just malformed, and it does not change even if I hexo clean.

我在折腾 hexo-theme-next 的时候碰到的第一个诡异事件是: 有时候 hexo server 给出了个无懈可击的结果,但只要一 hexo generate 或者 hexo deploy,全完蛋。整个网站看着都非常诡异,甚至我 hexo clean 了之后也没有丝毫变化。

After digging a lot into the source code, and enabling --debug, I finally found that there are some backup files that are also processed. And the content of those files does correspond to the wrong contents on the site. "Okay," hereby I say, "this behaviour is indeed ridiculous."

钻进源码里东张西望了好久,再合着 --debug 的加成,我终于看到了一些备份文件 也被处理了。而其内容确然是应了网站上有问题的东西。「行吧,」如是我说, 「是事直令人齿冷。」

And thus I added the ignore rules to ignore all such files, and everything is hopefully back in place.


  - "**/*~"
  - "**/#*"
  - "**/.#*"

NexT's language switcherNexT 的语言切换器

That is an even more terrible part that comes in. Yes, NexT comes with such a thing called a "language switcher," but it never takes you to a right place. I cannot even get Hexo generate pages for different languages, no matter how I change the language parameter in _config.yml. So whenever I click on the language switcher, I got a 404. And it is hidden at the very bottom of the page --- How should one expect their visitor to dig into the deepest hole before they can switch languages?

这玩意儿甚至更可怕了。是是是,NexT 有个叫「语言切换器」 的东西,但是它总把人引入歧途。让 Hexo 给不同的语言分别生成页面,这我 怎么改 _config.yml 里的 language 参数,也弄不成。所以呢,每次 按下这语言切换器的时候,404 就浮现在我眼前了。而且这切换器给藏在了页面 最底下——让访客钻进最深的洞里才许其切换语言,这能成吗?

So, well, since NexT's language switcher sucks, and multi-page style multi-language implementation is not feasible, why not just put everything all together? NexT at least provides a way to customize what texts are shown... in languages.yml.

啊啊,行吧,NexT 这语言切换器是糟透了,多页面显示多语言也办不到,那么把 所有东西全放一起,这又如何呢?NexT 至少给了个用 languages.yml 来控制 显示什么文字的方法呀......

The main idea is to merge NexT's default translations into one. I made a Perl script for this. The text for every language is a span, and they are next to each other. Use css to put a divider between every visible span. Whether a language is shown is controlled by a JavaScript program that adds or removes classes from the elements.

大意就是把 NexT 的默认翻译全整一起去。这事我写了个 Perl 脚本去做。每种语言的文字 装在一个 span 里,并并排。用 css 在每个显示了的 span 之间,摆一个分割线。 至于某种语言是显示呢是隐藏呢,这让 JavaScript 程序来控制,就从元素里加上或是减去 些 class 就好。

As I am too lazy, the code is all on GitLab. Whether this is a viable implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.

因为我太懒了,代码都在 GitLab 上。这东西到底可行不, 留给读者作练习。