Notes on PinePhone and mobile GNU/Linux systems
关于 PinePhone 和移动端 GNU/Linux 系统的笔记

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At the end of last year, I bought the PinePhone KDE Community Edition; but due to me being too lazy, I had not tried it out until several months later. I used a few distributions, namely (1) the manjaro with Plasma Mobile it comes with, (2) Plasma Mobile development version, also based on Manjaro, and (3) openSUSE Tumbleweed with Plasma Mobile. The first two are not really usable, as I got blackscreens after a few reboots -((.

去年底,我买了 PinePhone KDE 社区版;然而因为我太懒,好几个月都没得好好试试。用了几个发行版,分别是 (1) PinePhone 自带的 Manjaro,(2) Plasma Mobile 的开发版本,也是基于 Manjaro 的,和 (3) 带了 Plasma Mobile 的 openSUSE Tumbleweed。前两个都用不起来,重启几次之后就黑屏了 -((。

Experience with openSUSEopenSUSE 的体验

What's working什么能用

Messaging and calls. Had a call with my girlfriend for about 30mins without interruption. Although she said my voice is a bit strange.




Web browser.


Setting locales. I see some translations in Mandarin as Simplified Chinese are there already, but there are a lot of places without translations (namely those specific to Plasma Mobile).

设置 locale。我看到有的简体中文的官话翻译已经在那块了,但是还是有好多地方没得个翻译的(就那些只在 Plasma Mobile 里头有的)。


Data does not work. Plasma Mobile does not give me an option to change network settings either.

流量没得办法用。Plasma Mobile 也没得给我个改网络设置的地方哎。

Sometimes laggy.


Due to 2, pushing the power button does not always immediately wake up the phone.

因为 2,按电源键了,也不一定能立刻唤醒手机。

Input method does not work. At least for the openSUSE distribution, it (maliit) does not come with Chinese input. Even after I installed maliit-keyboard2-lang. The screen keyboard is implemented using IM modules. Setting QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx will just prevent the screen keyboard from showing up.

输入法没得办法用。至少在 openSUSE 发行版高头,丫 (maliit) 没得个中文输入的。就算我装了 maliit-keyboard2-lang, 也不行。屏幕键盘用输入法模块实现的。设个 QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx,屏幕键盘就不能显示了。

With earphones there are electrical current sounds from time to time.


If I click an app, and switch to another app, or the desktop, before that app window shows up, the app window will pop up afterwards instead of being pushed to the background.

要是我按一个应用,再在那个应用的窗口显示之前,切到另一个应用,或者是桌面,那那个窗口会弹出来, 而不是摁到后台去。

Privacytools search reports "Rate limit exceeded1" [sic] when I search in Angelfish.

我在 Angelfish 里搜索的时候,Privacytools 的搜索跟我讲「Rate limit exceeded1」[原文如此]。

The screen keyboard sometimes responds to key pressing with word suggestions, which can be never inputed to the input box desired.


Other notes别的笔记

I have a nano sim card and it will need the adapter that comes with PinePhone to install it properly. I pushed it in without the adapter, and had to disassemble the phone to push it back out from the inside.

我有个 nano sim card,那玩意儿要用 PinePhone 自带的转接器才能好好装上。之前没得用转接器就摁进去了,结果 只能把手机拆的了然后从里头给它推出来。

The Manjaro distribution the PinePhone comes with has Telegram installed by default. Telegram can only connect to a non-free server, and forces users to provide a phone number in order to use services that does not need one. This is a serious privacy concern. I strongly oppose to the use of Telegram in any cases, and suggest everyone uninstall it upon receiving your PinePhone.

PinePhone 自带的 Manjaro 发行版默认安装了 Telegram。Telegram 只能连接到一个不自由的服务器,而且强迫用户 提供手机号以使用并不需要手机号的服务。这是一个严重的隐私隐患。 我强烈反对任何情况下使用 Telegram,并推荐所有人收到 PinePhone 之后立刻卸载它。

The Manjaro distribution the PinePhone comes with cannot be waken up by an alarm clock. I have not yet tried with openSUSE.

PinePhone 自带的 Manjaro 发行版没得办法被闹钟唤醒。openSUSE 我还没得试过。